Using casters can reduce the work force and increase the work efficiency. The right caster should be chosen by the manner of application, condition and request (for example facility, laboursaving, durability). The factor must be considered as follows.


(1) Load: T = E + ZM
T = each caster load. E = the weight of the vehicle
Z = the weight of moving object. M = efficient load casters quantity
(The position and different heavy distribution must be considered)

(2) Efficient load caster quantity as follows


(3) The casters load a the position of maximum should be considered when choose load capacity. Concrete load position and maximum position(P2) as follows.



(1) The part of turn (frame turn, wheel rolling) should choose the mini, friction material, or he Accessories Which be made by a special technology, such as pin ball bearing or quenched in order that the casters will be used easy and durable.

(2) The more bigger the eccentricity is, the better the agility becomes.

(3) The bigger the wheel diameter is, the more laboursaving it becomes, and can protect the floor surface perfectly. The bigger wheels run much slowly, not easily getting heated and distorted, and more durable than the small. It is better to choose the bigger diameter wheel when the fitting height is enough.


The request of caster speed: at the normal temperature and on the smooth floor, the speed should be lower than 4km/h of walk and there is static interval during the work time.


The floor material, barrier, leftover and the special environment, such as scrap iron, high or low temperature, great acidity and alkalescece, oil liquor, chemistry solvent and anti-static-electricity, should be considered when choose the caster, caster used in special environment should be made of special materials.