Stamping Square Plate Adjustable Leveling Casters

Brand Series:Dashi 80 Series
Load Capacity:250kg-1000kg
Wheel Type:Nylon
Surface Treatment:Treatment powder surface, neutral salt spray test > 300 hours
Swivel Construction:Double Track Structure

Caster Type :

Stamping Square PlateDrop Forged Square PlateDrop Forged Octagonal Plate

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Caster Optional Specifications:

Dashi 80 Series Stamping Plate

Shell Material: Pressure casting aluminum alloy; strong compressive; high strength;
Wheel Material: Nylon;
Level Adjustment Pedestal: Made up of synthetic rubber, corrosion protection, steady;
Swivel Construction: Double steel-ball track, more stable and flexible;
Methods of Use: Easy to switch between fixed and mobile operation by hand or wrench; great mobility and height control;
Surface Treatment: Treatment powder surface, neutral salt spray test > 300 hours;
Usage: Testing equipment; medical equipment;optical equipment; cleaning room equipment; packaging machinery; numerical control machine; precision machine; special workbench and etc.


no wheel-type diameter tread-width overall-height adjustable-height load-capacity
NO Wheel Type Diameter
(inch) (mm)
Tread Width
Overall Height
Adjustable height
Load Capacity
DS8020-60 A1 Nylon 2 (50) 24 82 82+10.8 250
DS8025-80 A1 Nylon 2.5 (63) 29 102 102+15 600
DS8030-100 A1 Nylon 3 (75) 30.3 120 120+12 1000
Diameter: (In)
NO DS8020-60 A1
Wheel Type Nylon
Tread Width 24 (mm)
Overall Height 82 (mm)
Adjustable Height 82+10.8 (mm)
Load Capacity 250 (kg)
Why Choose Dashi

Dashi Caster manufacture high quality industrial caster wheels since 2005 and located at Dajinjia Industrial Park,Qingdao City,China. Dashi factory covers total an area of 30,000 square meters and employs more than 200 staff.
Dashi Caster specializes in production of industrial casters. Focusing on manufacturing, researching and developing various specifications of heavy duty casters,industrial logistics casters, shock absorbing casters,Noise reducing casters,leveling casters,grooved casters and ect.
Dashi Caster has a full set caster production line, including automatic casting production line, PU pouring production line, welding equipment,automatic lathes, automatic curing equipment, computer precision preforming machine,stamping equipment (50T-400T) and ect. Dashi professional automatic plating workshop has 2 rack and hang plating production lines. Independent production decides our stable quality and delivery time from the start.
Dashi has many patents,10 kinds of first and in-process inspections,15 kinds of product testings and passed the authentication of ISO9001 and RoHS to ensure caster quality. After more than 10 years of development, Dashi Caster has thousands of casters and develops ten thousands of caster solutions.Dashi will partner with you to create an accurate solution.
Our goal:Let quality casters made in china serve the world.